Is eating pork ok for “goyim”?

Brother Nathaniel doing what many will not do

I like much of what Brother Nathaniel says ( he has YouTube channel) but when he says the guy ( Gentiles ) can eat pork, I must say that “Gentile” and “Jew” ( B.N. is a jew) are two of the most misunderstood words in the Bible.

WHITE, Nordic tribes are the children of Promise, not the Edomite “Jew”. “Gentile” is where we get the terms, GENT, GENTILITY, and GENTLEMAN. GOYIM is a Yiddish word meaning “Cattle.” The Zionist Jew believes all “non jews” are ” cattle” to be used, abused anyway the jew wishes.

Secondly, concerning Pork, many Christian’s believe that the new Testament “cleaned” up the Swine so it can be eaten ( with Thanksgiving and the “blessing” as they call it.

Bad news for you swine eaters: THANKSGIVING is an old Testament blessing which must be performed by a priest in accordance to God’s laws! There is not the slightest chance your puny “blessing” at Turkey day cleans what God says is unclean. And nowhere in the Old or New Testament is the Swine , or snake, or alligator, or rat ( squirrel) cleaned.

When the man from Galilee returns and you are eating that filth, you will be consumed where you stand. Got that?

Philosophy by Cat scan

If we gather all the knowledge that lies in the graves and tombs, we’d know it all.

Why discover ancient ruins when governments send an army of agents, I mean, “archaeologists” ( grave robbers) to steal it and deny us the truth?

Philosophers are written about, idolized, studied and quoted. Quoted,quoted, quoted. What they say is not as important as who they were. Someone quotes the name to give importance to the matter.

Joe Citizen could say the same thing and it is readily flat and dull, but let Benjamin Franklin say it….

Over the centuries, no philosopher has asked any question that has not already been asked – and answered.

What psuedo- intellectuals never do is quote from the Bible, where there is more wisdom than can be assimilated in a lifetime.

Just what is an “inaugeration”?

The Roman chosen one stood before a priest in a black robe. He had been chosen carefully by the priests and leaders from the entails ( guts ) of an animal..ideally a fetus of an unborn man child. He waited now for the priest to inauger him. ( to inauger means using sorcery to empower him)

The priest in the black robe was doing just that. Now the inaugered chosen one must declare publically what he intends to do. He must return every year to give his address to the Senate, on how this was and is being done.

Fast forward 2021… the chosen one stands before a priest ( supreme court justice) in a black robe and gets sworn in. The entrails ( aborted fetus) have been consulted and he is indeed the chosen one. He now avows his purpose and will return every year to give his state of the union address.

Any questions?

Keep your distance, wear your mask and get tested.6 reasons why.

Let’s see,

Reason #1: dead voters want protection.

Reason#2: a national blackout may occur.

Reason #3: Twitter will suspend all 85 million of your supporters ( stand up, please, Orange man!)

Reason # 4: the 80 year old virus, Nancy Pee Loosely demands it.

Reason # 5 COVERT 19 is not a Hokie pokie.

Annnnnd ( drum roll ) Reason # 6 : our 3 out of 5 Doctors rolled chicken bones and danced around the fire and elected Biden.

Why Six reasons, you ask?

Six is soooo important in the news! 51 year old police officer dies after D.C. riots ( 5+1=6) then a second officer dies of “suicide” at the age of 42. ( 4+2=6) making it the SIXth death from D.C.

I know, I know, what happened to the number 9, right? Number 9 married number 11 and prefers the pronoun, 9-11. ( if you are hard to please, just turn number 6 upside down..viola! 9)